The best restaurants in Saugatuck

best restaurants in saugatuck

Saugatuck is generally known for its cultural attractions and gorgeous natural features. You’ve seen Oval Beach—it’s no wonder why that put us on the map. But lesser known is Saugatuck’s stellar, and growing, culinary scene. You could call it our best kept secret. But we can’t keep the best restaurants in Saugatuck from you. Innovative chefs and restaurateurs have blessed our town with their creations, and it’s only fair that we share them. These Saugatuck restaurants are some of the most loved in town.

best restaurants in saugatuck
The Southerner. Image: Ashley Wierenga
best restaurants in saugatuck
Image: GROW
best restaurants in saugatuck
Image: Hercules

The best restaurant in Saugatuck for breakfast


302 Culver Street, Saugatuck, MI

Grow serves from-scratch, healthful breakfast and lunch from 8am-4pm. Their small space on the corner of Culver and Griffith is bright and tastefully decorated, and their menu is brimming with delicious dishes. We recommend the Breakfast Panzanella and the Carrots + Lentils salad.

The best restaurants in Saugatuck for lunch and dinner

The Southerner

880 Holland Street, Saugatuck, MI

The Southerner makes the best southern food you’ll find for miles. Their menu is steeped in delicious southern tradition. With classic Nashville hot chicken, biscuit sandwiches, delicious barbecue and more, you’ll have a hard time deciding what to order. The Southerner also boasts a diverse drink menu to wet your whistle.

Phil’s Bar & Grille

215 Butler Street, Saugatuck, MI

Phil’s Bar & Grille may look like your typical, run-of-the mill American pub, but its menu pushes the limits of the genre. Order anything from a classic fried perch sandwich to pad thai and pho. Phil’s is a spot that does a lot and does it all well, and it’s a local favorite.

The best restaurants in Saugatuck for dinner

Bowdie’s Chophouse

230 Culver Street, Saugatuck, MI

When the owners of Bowdie’s moved to Saugatuck, they lamented the town’s lack of a good steakhouse. So they took it upon themselves to open one, and it’s become one of the classiest, most sought-after dining experiences in town. Bowdie’s Chophouse small space fosters an intimate environment to enjoy a culinary innovation. Their expertise is reflected in the price, but a meal at Bowdie’s is well worth the splurge.


236 Culver Street, Saugatuck, MI

Serving artisanal meals with American, Greek and Mediterranean influences, Hercules has also been rumored to have the best cocktails in Saugatuck. Enjoy steaks, seafood and chops in their elegant dining space or in the garden. For a quiet dinner and a top tier beverage, Hercules is a great choice.

Marro’s Italian Restaurant

147 Water St, Saugatuck, MI

This Italian restaurant has been a long-standing member of the Saugatuck culinary community. Frank and Lyn Marro have owned and operated the establishment since 1971, and they still play an active role in running the restaurant today. Casual and fine family dining with a side of live jazz piano make for a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. Their pizza is some of the best in town.

Featured Image: Ashley Wierenga 

5 farm to table Saugatuck restaurants to inspire your palate

Choosing to eat locally produced food has a bevy of benefits. The most obvious being that your food is guaranteed to be fresh–none of it will have spent days traveling cross country in a truck. For that reason, eating locally is also ecofriendly, because it reduces emissions from shipping. You can experience the difference yourself at a variety of farm to table Saugatuck restaurants.

Farm to table restaurants strive to source their ingredients locally. They develop personal relationships with the people who produce them and are invested in the freshness and quality of the products they use. That means you don’t have to wonder where your food is coming from, and you get to enjoy a fresh, delicious meal you can feel good about. These are our favorite farm to table Saugatuck restaurants to support.

Experience farm to table Saugatuck

Growfarm to table saugatuck

Grow is a great spot for breakfast or brunch. Their menu is filled with inspired plates made with locally sourced ingredients, making it an obvious choice for a farm to table meal.

Everyday People Cafe

This Douglas restaurant is a long-time favorite. Its diverse menu features farm-sourced ingredients where possible. It’s a great spot for brunch or dinner, and their diverse selection of fine wines and craft beers make this cafe a must visit during your stay in the area.

farm to table saugatuckSalt of the Earth

Salt of the Earth is located in Fennville, a rich farming community. The restaurant invites visitors to “savor the bounty of the Michigan farm, beverage, and roots music communities.” If a taste of the local terroir is what you seek, Salt of the Earth is the place to go.

The Southerner

Located right on the river, The Southerner serves up great views, warm hospitality, and spicy southern inspired dishes. They source ingredients from a variety of local producers, which you can read more about on their website.

the southerner farm to table saugatuckKismet Farm Bakery

For ethically produced breads to pair with your home cooked meals or desserts to follow them up with, Kismet Farm Bakery is a must visit.  They pride themselves on using all organic dairy and fruit, sourcing them locally whenever possible. Their website proclaims: “ecovore and locavore customers can rest assured that we have made the best choices for each ingredient, in each amazing product.”


The best way to spend a morning in Saugatuck

morning in saugatuck

Waking up early is easy on a summer day in Saugatuck. With the promise of beautiful scenery–whether you catch the sunrise over Lake Michigan or walk along the Kalamazoo River in the soft early light–you won’t want to sleep away a morning in Saugatuck.

The key to making the most of a morning in Saugatuck is to relax. Wake up when your body tells you to and relish in your morning moments. You’re on vacation: use the time you’ve carved out to take things slow. If that means sleeping in, by all means, stay in the cozy embrace of your bed! But if you’re an early riser, here are some ideas for what to do on a Saugatuck morning.

How to spend a perfect morning in Saugatuck

morning in saugatuckCatch a Lake Michigan sunrise

You’ll have to wake up a little before 6 a.m. on most summer mornings to catch the sunrise, but the remarkable views will make it more than worth it. A vibrant gradient of rich oranges, pale yellows, and cool blues gradually floods the sky while the calm lake reflects it back. Your waking eyes will thank you for the view. Stay in a lakeside vacation rental with a view so you need only roll out of bed and put on a pot of coffee to make the most of it.

Wake up with some morning yoga

Gentle exercise is a great way to wake up your body–and yoga promises to get you in the relaxed mindset your restorative vacation calls for. Yoga requires its practitioners to move and breathe deliberately–something we often forget to do in our daily lives. Choose to flip the script for this vacation. Get your morning flow in at Satya Yoga in Saugatuck. You can also find outdoor morning yoga sessions at Red Dock in the summer–where your practice is accompanied by a fresh breeze and the sounds of the Kalamazoo morning in saugatuckRiver.

Get your caffeine fix

If you haven’t already gotten your morning jolt, take a walk over to Uncommon Coffee Roasters for a delicious cup of coffee. The relaxed cafe atmosphere is a delightful place to spend the morning. Grab a light breakfast from the bakery and park yourself by a window where you can read or people watch.

Fuel the tank with a hearty breakfast 

If you’ve worked up an appetite, a scone from Uncommon Coffee Roasters might not cut it. Luckily there are many great breakfast spots right in downtown Saugatuck. Walk to  Pumpernickel’s Eatery, Ida Red’s Cottage, or GROW for a deliciously hearty breakfast, whether you’re in the mood for something savory or something sweet.

morning in saugatuckStroll the sidewalks of downtown Saugatuck

Once you’re all fueled up, spend the rest of your morning strolling the quiet sidewalks in town. A walk along Water Street promises gorgeous views of the Kalamazoo River. Window shop the boutiques in town, and step into the ones that capture your fancy. Make small talk with the business owners. You never know–you might discover something new to shape the rest of the day’s activities.


Where Can You Find the Best Breakfast in Saugatuck?

breakfast in saugatuck

What better way is there than to start off a day than in a cozy breakfast place, sitting in the warm sunshine in front of a pile of fluffy pancakes or an omelet cooked to perfection? When you’re having breakfast in Saugatuck, those opportunities are abundant. There are many wonderful little breakfast joints in town from which to choose. So, where can you find the best breakfast in Saugatuck?

If you’re looking for the most incredible experiences in the Saugatuck area, breakfast or otherwise, then you ought to check out the vacation plan tool from Lakeshore Lodging! We consider ourselves experts on everything Saugatuck, and we’re confident there’s something for everyone on the list!

Say, “Good Morning!” With Breakfast in Saugatuck

Uncommon Coffee Roasters

Nothing says, “Good Morning!” like a hot cup of fresh-roasted coffee or espresso drinks. Pair that with their green initiative to be fully recyclable and one of their pastries, and you’ve got a recipe for an eco-friendly, delicious start to your day! Word on the street is that their blueberry coffee cake is to die for!

Pumpernickel’s Eatery

If you want homey, comfortable breakfast food, Pumpernickel’s Eatery is a must-try! For food made with love and healthy, quality ingredients, you definitely want to start at least one of your vacation days here. Try their Pure Michigan omelet filled with sweet corn, peppers, leeks, and goat gouda. Or, if you’re craving French toast, they grill their’s and serve it with only the best Michigan maple syrup.

The Southerner

If you’re looking for a little southern hospitality up north, then The Southerner is your place. For breakfast, you’ll love the comfortable atmosphere overlooking the Kalamazoo River. Feast on one of Nana’s cinnamon rolls, chilaquiles verde, or Benton’s benedict! Hang around for lunch and enjoy their fried chicken and whiskey special!

Ida Red’s Cottage

Ida Red’s has been a breakfast staple in Saugatuck for years. The classic American breakfast diner is the perfect place for egg scrambles, pancakes, and they have famous muffins, served hot. You’ll love the quaint and comfortable atmosphere and easy-going setting.


At Boardwalk, you’ll find some of the best, affordable, gourmet breakfast sandwiches! Named after major city’s and their respective style, choose the Boston or the Atlanta, two of many. You’ll love the casual vibe and many other menu options, breakfast and otherwise.

Delicious Breakfast is a Great Way to Start Your Vacation Right

When you wake up to your first morning of vacation, what is your first thing on the agenda? Breakfast! Try any of these great places for breakfast in Saugatuck and you won’t regret it! And, when you stay with us here at Lakeshore Lodging, you’ll be just minutes away from these and many other great places to eat, things to do, and more! You’ll love our comfortable vacation rentals and feel right at home. Check out our available properties and see for yourself the kind of comfort you can enjoy! Then, contact us to book your stay. And, if you need more great ideas for things to do in the area, touch base with our recommendations for your vacation plan! You’ll love it here!

What You Need to Taste at American Spoon

american spoon

Way up north in Petoskey, MI, the artisans at American Spoon craft some of the most delicious jams, preserves, syrups, and salsas in the country. It’s something of a Michigan favorite that is emblematic of the hospitality and comfort found here. Take a spoonful of peach preserves and spread them onto your favorite toast, and you’ll find there’s just nothing quite like it. Luckily for you, their store in Saugatuck, MI, carries a full line of every delicious offering they create. The question isn’t whether or not you need to buy a jar or three. Instead, which will you try first? Read on to find out what you need to taste at American Spoon in Saugatuck.

American Spoon is an American Favorite

In the picturesque shopping district of Saugatuck, the storefront for American Spoon rests quietly offering delicious jams, jellies, preserves, and more. You’ll want to go in. It’s so quaint and cozy, and you’ll have virtually no choice with the tasting table to try samples. So, come find your favorite and begin your latest obsession. There’s much to choose from!

Sour Cherry Preserves

These preserves are to die for! Each jar is jam-packed with tart Montmorency cherries, creating its deep red color and wonderfully bright flavor. It’s great on toast, with brie, in pastries, and even on chicken.

Maple Granola

The delicious and hearty granola American Spoon offers is made in small batches with famous Michigan maple syrup, dried tart cherries, dried blueberries, almonds, and pumpkin seeds. It pairs perfectly with yogurt, in cereals, and even on its own!

Red Haven Peach Preserves

The peaches American Spoon uses in their famous peach preserves originate along the shores of Lake Michigan. So, not only are these preserves tasty but they’re local! America’s Test Kitchen declared the peach preserves to be the ideal peach preserves to use in recipes!

Pumpkin Butter

The ubiquitous flavor of pumpkin in the fall has been done one better by American Spoon’s pumpkin butter! You simply can’t make up the smooth delicious flavor this spiced butter offers your taste buds. Spread it on pancakes or waffles, into whipped cream, or into pumpkin recipes. You’ll probably come back to buy more!

Fruit Perfect Blueberries

Iconic blueberry preserves are somewhat mythical when it comes to famous Michigan cuisine. This recipe uses only the sweetest West Michigan blueberries, making it perfect for pancakes, biscuits, and anything you could want! You just can’t go wrong with these delicious blueberries.

Take Some Back to Your Vacation Rental

American Spoon products make great gifts, but they’re also perfect breakfast and snack items. So, bring some back to your vacation rental! Here at Lakeshore Lodging, our vacation rentals are comfortable and luxurious. You’ll feel at home when you book your stay with us. We’re eager to accommodate your every need, so contact us today to book!