Saugatuck, MI

About Us

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Who are we really?

We're people dedicated to creating relaxing experiences in our one-of-a-kind community. It's the community we love—where we work and play—and we feel so lucky to share it with the people who choose to vacation here year after year.

With so many options out there to find and list a vacation rental, it can be hard knowing which is right for you. With us you'll know from the start, because your experience is personally managed to the end. 

And if we've done our job of listening to your needs and providing our dependable local knowledge and industry expertise, the decision is real easy.

Since 1999, we've strived to be the best in the business. We can say with confidence that we are, and we're committed to defending the title.

Our Promises

Curious about what we can do for you? Our promises explain what to count on when you count on us. If how you keep score determines how you play the game, then consider this our scoreboard. Read more.

Our Team

Lakeshore has cultivated a team of professionals dedicated to the same goal: making your vacation rental experience as simple and rewarding as possible. We know that the best way to work for you is to work well together, and we do. And, not to toot our own horn, but we’re all pretty fun to hang out with. Meet the team.


There’s no better place to learn about everything Lakeshore related or what to do in the Saugatuck area than our blog. If you’re looking to optimize your vacation, or, you know, you’re just bored at your desk, read more.

Work at Lakeshore

Interested in joining our team? If you like what we do and how we do it, read more.