Best Saugatuck family reunion venues

saugatuck family reunion venues

Planning a family reunion can be stressful. Give yourself something to look forward to by choosing a location the whole family is sure to adore. Saugatuck’s beautiful lakeshore location makes it a desirable vacation destination, and with a variety of parks and venues to choose from, it’s a great town for a family reunion, too. Thinking about bringing your extended family to town? Check out these great Saugatuck family reunion venues. Then find where you’ll stay.

Saugatuck family reunion venues

Felt Mansion

This historic building has several areas available to rent for a family gathering. Choose from a quiet library, an open parlor, a covered terrace, or fine dining rooms and ballrooms. The mansion is located right by Shore Acres Park, which connects to trails leading to the Lake Michigan lakeshore. Gorgeous scenery and upscale accommodations come together at this family reunion venue. Learn more.

J Petter Gallery

This gallery has a few spaces available for rental as a family reunion venue. Its beautiful gated garden has room to host parties of up to 35, and the gallery itself has 12,500 square feet of art space. While art events are the main focus of this space, a variety of celebrations can be hosted here. Learn more about reserving either of these spaces for a family reunion.

Belvedere Inn & Restaurant

The Belvedere Inn & Restaurant is a classic, bright space with a number of rooms perfect for a family reunion. Enjoy food and wine selected from the restaurant’s seasonal menu. Parties of up to 40 guests can be hosted in the rooms at this Saugatuck family reunion venue. See what works best for your group and learn more.

Saugatuck Center for the Arts Outdoor Pavilion

The Saugatuck Center for the Arts offers a gorgeous outdoor space for a family reunion. The outdoor pavilion looks out onto a beautiful rain garden, creating a breezy and inviting atmosphere. Learn more about reserving this space.

Outdoor Parks

Nothing makes for a more classic family reunion venue than an outdoor park. Saugatuck offers a handful of beautiful parks located right by Lake Michigan. Grill out, play, and enjoy the company of your family at one of these great lakeside parks.

West Side County Park

With plenty of picnic tables, a covered pavilion, and a gazebo perfect for watching the sunset over the lake, West Side County Park is a perfect spot for a family reunion. Descend the stairs or ADA-accessible ramp to access the beach.

Mount Baldhead Park

Located at the foot of Mount Baldhead, this park offers a pavilion with picnic tables. Convene with family members and enjoy a potluck in the park’s beautiful natural surroundings.

Schultz Park

This Douglas park offers a baseball diamond, soccer field, tennis courts, pavilions, a playground, picnic tables, and a hiking trail. For a day full of activity and each other’s company, you can’t go wrong hosting your family reunion here.

How to master vacation rental cooking

vacation rental cooking

Cooking for friends and family is a joy. Good food is a force of connection, and the conversations had over preparing and eating meals become some of the most memorable. For many, vacation often means eating at a lot of restaurants. But when you stay in a vacation rental with a gorgeous kitchen, you can bring those good meal making feelings with you. Vacation rental cooking requires a little planning, but it can be remarkably rewarding.

We’ve got some tips that will help you make the most out of your vacation rental cooking experience.

Vacation rental cooking tips and tricks

vacation rental cookingPack the essentials

Vacation rental kitchens often have a basic selection of tools and equipment, but if you have some holy grail tools you can’t live without, pack them! And if you have a favorite seasoning or condiment that you aren’t sure you’ll be able to find at your destination, make sure you bring it along. Plan on purchasing fresh ingredients when you arrive.

When you arrive: Take stock of your rental’s offerings

Before you go grocery shopping, explore your vacation rental’s cupboards. Find out what seasonings, condiments, and tools are at the ready. Plan your meals around what you have, and make a list of what you’ll need. This way you can avoid purchasing a surplus of groceries, and your menu is kind of shaped by the space you’re spending vacation in.

vacation rental cookingKeep it simple

When it comes to vacation rental cooking, simplicity is key. You’re on vacation—don’t stress over a complex meal! Plan on using fewer ingredients so grocery shopping is quick and easy. You want to avoid ending up with too many leftover, unused groceries. And plan meals that don’t require a lot of tools. You won’t want to be bogged down with a lot of dishes to clean up.

Plan ahead

Plan all of the meals you’re going to make during your stay in advance so you can limit the amount of time spent in a grocery store. When it’s time to shop, get the essentials at a local supermarket or take advantage of a grocery delivery service like Shipt (now available in both Saugatuck and Douglas!).

vacation rental cookingWelcome serendipity

Add local flare to your meals with things you find in your travels. Visit the local farmers market, buy supplies for your own artisanal cheese platter at a local shop, and forage for herbs in the wild or in your vacation rental’s garden. Spend the day at a U-Pick orchard and make a dessert from what you gathered. These are the kind of things that will make your meals unique to your vacation and totally unforgettable.

Enjoy the process

Cooking is fun. Take your time when you’re putting together your meals and relish in the process. Get everyone involved by assigning different people to chop vegetables, cut bread, or prepare appetizers. Make an event out of cooking your meals, and you’ll make loads of delicious memories while you’re at it.

Get Excited for Halloween in Saugatuck!

halloween in saugatuck michigan

When there’s a chill in the air, and things are going bump in the night, there’s no better place to seize the spook than right here in the Art Coast. Spend Halloween in Saugatuck.

Celebrate the season with the Saugatuck Halloween Parades. Held annually in nearby Douglas, the parades are the best way for kids and adults alike to have frightening fun. Grab your ghoulish garb and get ready to celebrate Halloween, Saugatuck-style.

The Saugatuck Halloween Parades

The fun starts at 3 p.m. on Saturday, October 28, with the annual Family & Pet Halloween Parade. Come in costume and bring your furry friend. Your costumes will be judged, and those with the best ones will receive prizes! Line up at Mason & Griffith St. at 3:30 p.m. to join the festivities.

Then later, it’s the adults turn to have fun. Don’t miss the Hallowine Party at J. Petter Art Galleries’ Art Barn. It will be held from 6:30-9 p.m., and will make a great pre-party to the adults-only Halloween parade. It’s the perfect way to start the evening.

The Adults-Only Halloween Parade is your chance to celebrate the season’s spookiness. The parade lineup is at 9:30 p.m. on October 28 by Beery Field in Douglas and starts at 10 p.m. From there, the creepy crowds of costumed attendees will take to the streets of Douglas! No registration is required, and costume choice is left up to your imagination. Be as boring or imaginative as you want. Just come ready to have fun. The Halloween parade draws huge crowds of spectators annually, so even if you don’t join the line up, you’ll still have a blast. Check out pictures from previous parades and get inspired.

Vacation in Saugatuck this Halloween

Vacations don’t always need to be in the summer. After all, how are you going to take advantage of cooler temperatures and beautiful fall colors? Lakeshore Lodging would love to show you what makes Saugatuck wonderful, even in the off-season. Take in the postcard-worthy scenery while relaxing in one of our Lake Michigan vacation homes, and you might not want to go home. Plus, you’ll be only minutes from the best things to do in the Saugatuck-Douglas area when you stay at a Lakeshore Lodging home. Browse our selection of Saugatuck vacation homes, and then contact us today to book your next getaway with us.

3 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Mount Baldhead

mount baldhead

When you think Lake Michigan, the first things that come to mind are typically water, the beach, fishing, boating, and other beach-related activities. But, did you know that not far from the lake’s Oval Beach, there’s a spot when you can get an incredible view of the surrounding area? Climb to the top of Mount Baldhead, and you’ll be rewarded with an amazing overlook of Oval Beach, the town of Saugatuck, and more! Whether you’re looking for a short hike, an exercise challenge, or simply a place to enjoy nature, Mount Baldhead is for you. Here’s why you should visit!

For more great ideas for things to do while you’re in Saugatuck, be sure to check out our recommendations! At Lakeshore Lodging, we’re your resource for all things Saugatuck and the surrounding area. So, enjoy the best of our area on us!

3 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Mount Baldhead

1. The Views

Everyone loves a great view, especially when it’s as beautiful as the one at the top of Mount Baldhead! The picturesque scenery at the top allows you to see Saugatuck, the Kalamazoo River, and Lake Michigan, providing an unforgettable look at the area. Make sure you have your camera or smartphone handy because you’ll want to snap plenty of pictures! Take the 302 steps to the top from the harbor side, or descend the trail on the opposite side to Oval Beach.

2. The Mt. Baldhead Challenge

If you spend your free time strapped into a pair of running shoes, the Mt. Baldhead Challenge is for you. The 17th Annual Mt. Baldhead Challenge will take place this year on September 10, and the area’s most popular race! According to the race’s website, the 15K race begins in nearby Douglas, runs by the Lake Michigan shore, and eventually to the steps leading to the top of Mount Baldhead. The course goes by Oval Beach Park, and ultimately back to Douglas at Beery Field. You’ll break a sweat, but the views along the way will be well worth it. More details about this exciting race can be found on the Mt. Baldhead Challenge website.

3. A Great Location

Most scenic overlooks are out of the way – usually off of a highway out of town, or at the end of a long hike. Not Mount Baldhead! You won’t have to leave town to get here, because it’s in here Saugatuck. Enjoy the convenience of cooling off at Oval Beach after your hike, or simply taking your time and relaxing. There’s no rush!

Relax in Saugatuck When You Stay with Lakeshore Lodging

Vacationers flock to Saugatuck every year, and with good reason! An inviting, creative atmosphere, beautiful beaches, and plenty of great places to dine are just a few of the reasons why Saugatuck is one of the nation’s best places to vacation. The team at Lakeshore Lodging wants you to see what makes Saugatuck so special, and the best way to do that is with a stay in one of our Lake Michigan vacation homes. Our vacation rentals feature everything you need for a relaxing, worry-free vacation. Fully-furnished kitchens, hot tubs, and decks are just a few of the amenities our homes include! Plus, no matter where you stay, you’ll be only minutes from Saugatuck’s best attractions. Contact us today to start planning your Lake Michigan vacation today.

Practice safe beach bumming

Be safe on Lake Michigan beaches

Saugatuck’s prime location on Lake Michigan means there are many gorgeous beaches at which to sunbathe, play, and swim. The water is pleasantly warm this year, thanks to the mild winter, and that means a lot more people are going to be swimming in our Great Lake. But it’s important to remember the importance of beach safety.

While a day at the beach can be beautiful and refreshing, it’s important to remember that it can also be dangerous. Many people underestimate the strength of the currents Lake Michigan can produce—a mistake which can be deadly. The best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to understand when it’s safe to swim, which circumstances create more danger, and what to do when you find yourself in trouble.

Luckily, there’s a one-stop resource available to help you do just that. Here’s how to prepare for your next trip to the beach:

Check the National Weather Service Great Lakes Beach Hazards Tool before you head to the beach. There, you’ll find out if there are any safety warnings issued at your beach. Peruse the tabs to learn about currents and what to do when you find yourself swept up in one. Many beaches don’t have lifeguards, so it’s important to practice good judgment and learn how to identify when someone in your group is struggling and help them should you need to.

We want you to have the safest experiences at our Lake Michigan beaches. Have fun, but be smart. Study up on beach safety before you hit the water.

Some key tips from MI Sea Grant

If in danger

  • Stay calm, focus on breathing and keeping your head above water

  • Swim to the side, then back to shore. Alternate between swimming and floating if tired.

  • Face the shore and call for help

Before you swim