Saugatuck, MI

Our Promises

Lakeshore’s mission is to make it easy for you to unwind, relax, and enjoy your time in the Saugatuck area. We do this by having a clear understanding of our expectations and limitations. We know we can’t be everything to everyone, but we also know what we are and what we strive to be. This clarity is what makes us so capable of providing you the best service. 

The following promises are the touchstones that guide us. They’re the foundation of the relationships we build with our clients, and they’re essential to our mutual success. When problems arise, we turn to these promises to make sure we are doing everything in our power to embody our mission. 

These promises are here so you know what to expect when you work with Lakeshore—and to keep us focused on what we do best: making your vacation rental experience as dreamy as humanly possible. 

Guest Promise

“We are experts at pairing people with the best properties for their vacation.”

Lakeshore represents the finest collection of professionally managed vacation rentals in the Saugatuck area. We guarantee that you will arrive at accommodations that are properly maintained and thoughtfully prepared for your individual stay. You can rely on our local knowledge for honest recommendations, and you have our commitment that if something goes wrong, we will make it right. 

From the start of your planning through the end of your stay, you can count on us to make sure you have an outstanding experience in the Saugatuck area, every time, in any property we manage.

Owner Promise

“We make ownership more rewarding for you.”

Lakeshore offers a variety of services proven to ease the burdens of owning a vacation property. Whether your home is for private use, rented by owner, or enrolled in our full-service vacation rental management program, you can rely on our expertise in property upkeep and hospitality management to add real value to your experience. We are committed to quality service and promise to care for your home as if it were our own.  

Community Promise

“We see it as a privilege to live, work, and play where so many come to relax, unwind, and enjoy.” 

Lakeshore is locally owned and operated, and our interest and involvement in the Saugatuck area extends beyond the boundaries of business. We are committed to being a positive influence on issues that impact the quality of life, community pride, and sense of belonging for all who make a home here. As an ambassador of the community and advocate for a tourist economy we promise to exemplify the ideals of being good citizens, neighbors, employers, and leaders.

Local efforts we support through volunteering, giving or otherwise include:

Company Promise

“We will prevail.” 

Lakeshore is sustained by upholding the promises made to our guests, homeowners, community, and team. This will not always be easy, but that is simply part of life. We are committed to having some fun while achieving a fair and reasonable profit from our work and doing some good along the way. We promise to learn from our mistakes and not to be too hard on ourselves or others. We count on the grace of God to carry us through our blind spots.

Keeping Our Promises

These promises are not made lightly. They represent a virtual fortune of meaningful experiences and lessons learned over decades of working with people and vacation homes. We've approached each lesson with a critical eye focused on becoming our best. Keeping these promises is essential to achieving that ever-changing goal, and we are entirely dedicated to it.

If you would like to talk about the promises we’ve made, you are welcome to call our Founder and President, Mark Mikolitis. Here is his direct line: 616-218-7573