What to do next time in Saugatuck

what to do next time in saugatuck

There are a few things that everyone does their first time in Saugatuck–and for good reason. Favorite activities like the Dune Rides are quintessential Saugatuck experiences that are perennially popular because they’re good, and they make for great traditions. But for your next time in Saugatuck, we invite you to consider shaking things up.

To help spice up your next visit to Saugatuck, we’ve compiled a list of activities, places, and restaurants that’ll show you just how multifaceted this town is.

What to do next time in Saugatuck

Fun for Friends and Family

If you liked the Dune Rides . . . try Harbor Duck Adventures

The Saugatuck Dune Rides are always one of the first things families do together when they visit Saugatuck. Next time, instead of getting a dose of history and scenery on the sand, try a tour on an amphibious vehicle with Harbor Duck Adventures. You’ll get even more area history, and a chance to ride on an antique, WWII-era vehicle.

retro boat rentals next time in saugatuckIf you liked the Star of Saugatuck . . . try Retro Boat Rentals

The Star of Saugatuck II is a classic way to enjoy Saugatuck’s waterways. First-time visitors often ride aboard the over-100-year-old sternwheeler to see the sights and learn about the area’s history. If you enjoyed that, next time try renting your own slightly-less-retro boat with Retro Boat Rentals. Select from a fleet of jet-age (‘50s-’60s era) runabout boats to explore the Kalamazoo River, or even make your way out to Lake Michigan.

If you liked touring art galleries . . . try making your own art at Express Yourself Art Barn

The Art Coast is filled with opportunities to view and purchase art, but maybe lesser known are opportunities to create art. Express Yourself Art Barn is a great spot for groups and families to put that artistic license to work.

saugatuck dunes state park next time in saugatuck

If you liked hiking Mount Baldhead . . . try the trails at Saugatuck Dunes State Park

Beloved Mount Baldhead is a popular place to get some exercise and catch a bird’s-eye view of the area. If you want to explore even more of the nature Saugatuck has to offer, you have to check out Saugatuck Dunes State Park. This park offers miles and miles of winding trails and access to some beautiful stretches of beach–some of which tend to be less crowded in the summer.

Beach Bumming

If you liked Oval Beach . . . try West Side County Park

Oval Beach is world-famous for its quality. Its wide stretch of soft sands means it can host lots of visitors, and the added bonus of changing rooms and a concession stand sweetens the deal. If you liked Oval Beach, but want to avoid the crowds this time around, try West Side County Park. Located just a 12-minute drive south of downtown Saugatuck, West Side County Park features a playground, a gazebo overlooking the bluff, and a wheelchair accessible ramp down to the beach.

just add water next time in saugatuckIf you liked swimming and sunbathing . . . try renting a SUP board at Just Add Water

Taking a dip in Lake Michigan is always refreshing and fun, but you can take playing in the water to the next level with a beach rental from Just Add Water. Try paddle boarding along the shore. Or just take your beach bumming to the next level with an umbrella or beach chair rental.

Wining and Dining

If you liked a wine tour . . . try a cider mill tour

The Saugatuck area features some great wineries, and wine tours are an exceedingly popular way to get a taste of the local culture. But wine isn’t all Saugatuck has to offer! Next time you visit, try touring Virtue Cider’s farm and learn all about the cider-making process.

If you liked Phil’s Bar and Grille . . . try Hercules Bar and Grill

Phil’s Bar and Grille is a favorite first stop when you first explore Saugatuck’s culinary scene. It’s a great example of the area’s delicious offerings. If you liked that, next time try Hercules! If you like steaks, seafood and chops, you’ll like Hercules. Be sure to try their delicious housemade cocktails, too.


If you liked Wally’s Bar & Grill . . . try The Corner Bar

Wally’s is a super popular spot to enjoy drinks with friends and see favorite local music acts. If you enjoyed that your last time here, next time, try The Corner Bar. A local favorite, it’s another great spot to grab a drink and catch entertainment.

Check Out Landsharks in Saugatuck!

landsharks in saugatuck snowshoe

One store outdoor enthusiasts can’t miss is Landsharks in Saugatuck. At Landsharks, you’ll find an array of excellent quality outdoor apparel, gear, and accessories to outfit the entire excursion. Here’s why you need to stop by.

Store History

Sally Troutman founded Landsharks in 1989. You will still find her in the store daily with her son David. The rest of the team is comprised of energetic, joyful, and talented Landsharks. The family-owned-and-operated business employs locals and empowers them to be entrepreneurs as well. Landsharks in Saugatuck strives to create an environment that is fun, adventurous–and one that loves to party!

Landsharks in Saugatuck is Your Adventure Outfitter

The undeniable lightheartedness of the storefront is something to behold. Shelves lined with empty bottles of Patrón Tequila and a paper maché octopus inspire the camaraderie only adventurers share. Whether you seek the trail as a casual hiker or look for more heavy duty outdoor gear, Landsharks in Saugatuck is your base camp.

Rent Cross Country Skis and Snowshoes at Landsharks in Winter

Want to play in the snow during your winter stay in Saugatuck? Don’t worry about bringing your own equipment on vacation. You can rent skis and snowshoes at Landsharks in Saugatuck. For just $14/day for adults and $10/day for children, you can take your own pair of cross country skis–including bindings, boots, and poles–or snowshoes for a spin. Equipment is due the following day by 11 a.m. Try the trails at Saugatuck Dunes State Park, Allegan State Game Area, the Outdoor Discovery Center, Pigeon Creek Park, or the Saugatuck Harbor Natural Area.

Brands to Take on Your Trail

Landsharks in Saugatuck will surprise you with their amount of selection. Sure, they have every major brand in the industry, but they also offer more fashion-oriented brands, too. Plus, it’s a point of pride for them that they offer completely new brands each new season. This keeps the stock fresh, and their customers delighted. Will you be one of them? Check out some of the brands they carry.




Maui Jim










In addition to these great brands, the store also carries a variety of great souvenir shirts, hats, and accessories. You’ll find clever screen-printed, Michigan-oriented tees and even stickers for your car!

What’s new in Saugatuck

retro boat rentals new in saugatuck

Saugatuck will always be a quaint small town perfect for a quiet vacation–but that doesn’t mean we never change. In fact, there’s lots of new places to discover every year. Visit us to find out what’s new in Saugatuck. Here are some new spots we think you shouldn’t miss.

Discover what’s new in Saugatuck

Shop Saugatuck

Kindel & Company

Find quality home goods and gifts at this lifestyle mercantile on Culver Street. Founded in 2004 in Howard, Michigan, Kindel & Co is brand new in Saugatuck.

Saugatuck Art Traders

Take a bit of Michigan’s Art Coast home with you. Saugatuck Art Traders sells “original paintings, limited edition signed fine art prints, sculpture and a few rare finds.”

Kismet Farm Bakerybreakfast in saugatuck new in saugatuck

Previously near Glenn, Kismet Farm Bakery has moved right into downtown Douglas. Stop by to treat yourself to hearth-baked goods. Be sure to taste their famous Seedy Salt bread–it’s a local favorite.

Dine out

Borrowed Time

Look for the iconic blue house on Water Street. This quaint restaurant opened in Saugatuck in 2016. Enjoy unique wine, craft beer, small plates, and homemade desserts–served right in the living room. It’s one of the spots on our Saugatuck bar crawl, too.

Lucy’s Little Kitchen

This restaurant started as an outdoor patio and hot dog stand and quickly became a favorite spot for lunch among locals and visitors alike. Its new Saugatuck location offers indoor and outdoor dining, a menu full of fresh, locally sourced dishes including a vibrant seafood selection.

bourbon new in saugatuck coppercraft distillery Grow

Breakfast and brunch in Saugatuck was taken to the next level when Grow came into town. With notable dishes like carrot cake pancakes, lavender lemonade, and fish tacos, Grow is a must visit the next time you visit.

Grab a drink

Coppercraft Distillery

This distillery first started making its premium spirits in Holland in 2012. In 2016, they opened a new tasting room in Saugatuck, where visitors can sample all of their handcrafted spirits: vodka, citrus vodka, gin, rum, applejack, bourbon, corn whiskey, and rye whiskey. Enjoy batch cocktails as well!

Guardian Brewing Company

retro boat rentals new in saugatuck

Saugatuck will be getting a new brewery in January 2019. Guardian Brewing Company is slated to make its home in the Red Barn Theater, where it will host a full restaurant, brewery, and events center.

Hit the water

Retro Boat Rentals

Ever wanted to drive a classic boat? Retro Boat Rentals lets you live out that dream. This new Saugatuck business opened in 2017 and quickly became wildly popular. Cruise the Kalamazoo River in style! Be sure to reserve in advance, these rentals get scooped up quickly.

For your mind & body

Redefine Medspaencompass wellness new in saugatuck

Saugatuck’s premier, luxury medical spa. Redefine Medspa offers everything from facials, to special occasion makeup applications, to therapeutic massages. Visit this new spot to pamper yourself or ease some aches and pains.

Encompass Wellness

Work out and have fun with one of Encompass Wellness’s diverse exercise courses. From yoga, to barre, to cardio drumming. You’re sure to find a class that will change up your hum-drum exercise routine, and your body will thank you.

Get a ride


Get from A to B with ease with Uber, now available in Saugatuck. Uber started offering its services in Saugatuck in summer 2017. Getting around Saugatuck just got easier!

8 of the best things to do during winter in Michigan

winter in michigan

When the winter forecast in Michigan calls for cold temperatures and snow, don’t let that stop you from experiencing the many things to do during winter in Michigan. From outdoor winter sports to indoor attractions, Michigan has something for everyone.

8 of our favorite things to during winter in Michigan

1. Tubing and Sledding

Head outdoors and take part in tubing or sledding, two of Michigan’s most popular activities during Michigan winter getaways. There are many ski resorts that offer slopes and hills especially for tubing and sledding. Plus, there are many county parks and recreational areas that offer toboggan runs. If you are up for some extreme adventure, check out the luge track in Muskegon at the Winter Sports Complex for a day of thrills and excitement.

2. Skiing

Michigan is a premier skiing destination. A beloved winter activity, Michigan offers top-rated downhill skiing, with pitch and vertical drops comparable to runs in New England and the West. In fact, Michigan is second in the nation for the number of skiing areas across the state! With 51 ski areas and approximately 1,000 runs, skiers have a wide variety of options that are easily accessible.

3. Snowboarding

Looking for a new adventure on the slopes? Then look no further than Michigan, a state that has fully embraced snowboarding. Michigan offers snowboarders more than 40 ski areas and resorts with exciting, diverse terrains for beginners and experts.

4. Cross Country Skiing

With more than 3,000 miles of cross country ski trails, Michigan is the perfect destination to enjoy this challenging pastime. Cross country skiers will delight in the tranquility of nature and the snow-capped surroundings while engaging in this invigorating sport during your Michigan winter family vacations.

5. Snowmobiling

Outdoor adventure seekers will find there to be plenty of snowmobile adventures throughout the state. Michigan has one of the most widespread systems of connected trails in the country. Comprised of more than 6,500 maintained snowmobiling trails, snowmobile riders enjoy a diverse terrain through state and national forests and across 11,000 frozen lakes. It makes the ride a winter adventure worth taking.

6. Snowshoeing

If you are looking for a more relaxing winter activity, then be sure to give snowshoeing a try. As one of the oldest forms of transportation, snowshoeing allows you to experience winter’s natural beauty and wonder as you hike through the snow. Rent snowshoes from Landsharks when you vacation in Saugatuck.

7. Museums

When it’s time to head indoors, be sure to pay a visit to Michigan’s many museums. Whether you’re interested in art, science or history, there is a museum to enlighten your curiosity and thirst for culture. Museums are a great activity during winter in Michigan.

8. Spas

If relaxation is on your agenda, then Michigan will not disappoint. There are numerous spas in the area, many of which offer packages that can be customized to your preferences. So sit back, relax and spend the day unwinding at a local spa.

The best Lake Michigan waterfront pet friendly vacation rentals

Lake Michigan waterfront pet friendly vacation rentals

For the dog owners among us, a family vacation just isn’t complete if the pup can’t come too. One of the best ways to make the most of a Saugatuck summer vacation is to stay right on a Lake Michigan beach, but finding the perfect Lake Michigan waterfront pet friendly vacation rentals can be a challenge. We’re here to help.

We’ve pulled together 4 great Lake Michigan waterfront pet friendly vacation rentals. There’s something here for every kind of group, from cozy lakeside cottages to spacious, historic homes overlooking the bluff. Find the waterfront pet friendly vacation rental that best fits your vacation.

4 great Lake Michigan waterfront pet friendly vacation rentals

Beach Cottage

beach cottage Lake Michigan waterfront pet friendly vacation rentals
Beach Cottage

This classic Lake Michigan cottage is a perfect spot for a family vacation. Tucked away in a wooded enclosure, this home feels very private. Cook out on the grill in the shady front yard and enjoy views of the lake while you picnic. Descend stairs down the bluff to reach this pet friendly vacation rental’s private beach.

Blackstone on the Bluff

Larger groups will appreciate this spacious historic home. Formerly a boarding house, the decor in this home is a tasteful mix of modern and classic. Dogs will love running around in the sprawling front yard overlooking Lake Michigan. The large private beach at this home is beautiful, too.

Sunflower Cottage

sunflower cottage Lake Michigan waterfront pet friendly vacation rentals
Sunflower Cottage

Sunflower Cottage is located on scenic Lakeshore Drive, which offers wide open views of Lake Michigan. This home has lots of great outdoor spots to kick back and take in those views, whether you’re watching the sunset in the sunflower-yellow adirondacks on the bluff’s edge, or stargazing while gathered around the fire pit.

Mixed Doubles

This newly renovated lakeside cottage comes with over an acre of wooded land. It’s a private escape with direct access to its private Lake Michigan beach (i.e. minimal stairs). There’s lots of charming spaces to take in the lake views–we particularly like the cozy screened porch. This pet friendly vacation rental is positively dreamy.

West Michigan craft beverages to pair with Thanksgiving dinner

west michigan craft beverages

West Michigan is known for its excellent and expanding selection of quality craft beverages. In addition to being downright delicious, the beer, cider, wine, and liquor around here can really enhance a Thanksgiving dinner.  Make your palate happy during your Thanksgiving stay in the Saugatuck area. Pick up a bottle, six-pack, or growler of one of these West Michigan craft beverages.

6 West Michigan craft beverages to pair with Thanksgiving dinner

Michigan Harvest by Virtue Cider 

west michigan craft beverages virtue cider fennville
Image: Virtue Cider

This semi-dry apple cider is barrel aged in French oak. Its scent evokes a Michigan apple orchard at peak harvest time, and it tastes delicious with traditional Thanksgiving fare.

Chardonnay Reserve by Fenn Valley Winery 

This dry white wine captures the fresh character of the Chardonnay grape and is softened with vanilla tones from the French oak barrel it’s aged in. This wine goes especially well with creamy, squash-based side dishes.

Third Bear English Style Ale by Saugatuck Brewing Company 

“Not too hoppy, not too sweet, this beer is just right.” Third Bear has a toasty flavor with leafy undertones that make it a perfect for pairing with a meal celebrating the autumn harvest. With nine different malts, the beer is complex, but not overwhelming.

west michigan craft beverages thanksgivingDry Apple Cider by Crane’s Winery 

Crane’s Winery features a wide selection of house-made wines and ciders that are sure to delight. Grab some cans for a light, not-too-sweet cider that will harmonize well with a bite of smoky turkey.

Single-Barrel Bourbon by Coppercraft Distillery 

When it’s time for dessert, Coppercraft Distillery’s Single-Barrel Bourbon sings alongside a warm slice of apple pie. The frosty temperatures outside don’t stand a chance with a glass of this warming spirit. This bourbon is aged for a minimum 11 years, and you can pick up a bottle right in downtown Saugatuck.

2013 Riesling Ice Wine by Wyncroft 

If pie doesn’t suit your fancy, make a rich ice wine your dessert. Wyncroft’s 2013 Riesling Ice Wine is a product of that year’s Polar Vortex, which created three tons of frozen grapes that were then pressed and fermented into this sweet beverage. How does it feel on the palate? Wyncroft says it best: “Unctuous, thick, and creamy with an amazingly dense flavor profile of honey-dipped apple and candied apricot, accented with crisp acidity.”

Spend New Year’s Eve in Saugatuck, Michigan

After a Christmas holiday spent with family, a New Year’s Eve celebration can be the perfect time to let loose and have a good time with friends. Spend New Year’s Eve in Saugatuck, Michigan and you’ll find great places to eat, drink and party–without the overwhelming crowds. Plus, after you’ve sufficiently rung in 2018, you can get a free ride home from the Interurban.

Visit Saugatuck for New Year’s Eve to take part in the fun activities. Get a Lakeshore Lodging vacation rental to return to when the night is over. Here’s what’s going on in town.

What are you doing for New Year’s Eve in Saugatuck, Michigan?

New Year’s Eve Dinner at The Kirby

A special 5-course dinner is on the menu at J. Paul’s at The Kirby for New Year’s Eve. $70 per person includes a delicious 5-course meal and a bubbly toast.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks Display

Count down to midnight with the rest of town and celebrate 2018 with a gorgeous display of fireworks. Catch them in downtown Saugatuck when the clock strikes 12.

New Year’s Eve Celebration at The Dunes

Play bingo and celebrate the New Year well into the night at The Dunes Hotel & Resort.

Free rides from the Interurban

Don’t worry about driving to and from your Saugatuck/Douglas celebration destinations. From 6pm-2am, the Interurban will be offering free rides around town, so you can count on getting from A to B safe and sound.

Find your NYE home base

Lakeshore Lodging has all kinds of homes available to rent for New Year’s Eve. Find the one perfect for you and your group.

Cozy Hideaway

This popular rental is still available for a New Year’s Eve getaway, and it’s located right in the midst of downtown Saugatuck. You’ll be within walking distance of the celebrations in this quaint cottage.

Saugatuck Townhome 7

This townhome is warmly decorated, and each bedroom has access to its own bathroom. Conveniently located in a quiet neighborhood just a short walk from all the activity in downtown Saugatuck.

Kingfisher Cove Cabin 29

This log cabin style home sleeps eight, has a hot tub that operates year-round, and is a super cozy place to retreat to after a night on the town.


Reasons to stay in Lake Michigan holiday rentals this year

lake michigan holiday rentals

If you’re used to hosting family at home every year during the holidays, the idea of renting a vacation home for the holidays might strike you as unorthodox. But lend us your eyes for a moment and we’ll show you why staying in one of Lakeshore Lodging‘s Lake Michigan holiday rentals is actually a brilliant idea.

Hosting get-togethers for holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve can be a lot of work. But choosing to host in a vacation rental can take a lot of the headache out, and you can enjoy the perks of a nice home with beds for everyone. Here are 8 reasons why you should spend the holidays in a vacation rental.

8 reasons to stay in Lake Michigan holiday rentals

1. Homes with great views

Maintaining holiday traditions is nice, but sometimes a change of scenery is in order. Make your holiday celebration picturesque: rent a vacation home with a view of Lake Michigan, or rent a cabin tucked away in a forest of vibrant autumn trees.

2. Room for extended family

One of the hardest things about the holidays is not having the space to host all of your family.  But it’s simple when you can just rent a larger home. When your house isn’t big enough to host the Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Hanukkah dinner of your dreams, it’s easy to find a spacious vacation rental with everything you need.

holiday vacation rental christmas cookies3. Homes with spacious kitchens/entertaining areas

Having the space for everyone to gather and enjoy each other’s company can be hard when you have a lot of people to host. But a variety of holiday vacation rentals come with open floor plans, large dining tables, and spacious kitchens with all the amenities you need to entertain and make the most of your togetherness.

4. Sleeping accommodations for the whole family

Everyone can have a comfy bed to retreat to when the festivities are done in a vacation rental big enough to host everyone. No one need sleep on an air mattress when you choose to stay in a vacation rental for the holidays.

5. Off-season pricing

The fall and winter months mean lower prices on all our Lake Michigan holiday rentals. You can save between 30-50% off of peak season rates when you stay with us for the holidays. So, really, the holidays couldn’t be a more perfect time to stay in a Lake Michigan vacation rental!

6. Personal catering and grocery delivery services

Take advantage of the hospitality hook-ups vacation rental services can offer. You can arrange to have your meals personally catered by a local business or have your grocery shopping done for you in advance when you stay with Lakeshore Lodging. Grocery delivery is available in the Saugatuck area via Shipt, so Shipt members can have groceries delivered right to their vacation rentals. Take the tedium out of your holiday hosting tasks!

7. Homes are clean and ready when you walk in

Another stressful chore associated with holiday get-togethers: making sure everything is clean and ready for your guests. Well, when you choose to stay in a vacation rental for your holiday extravaganza, we take care of all the cleaning for you.

8. Housekeeping service when you leave

When all is said and done, you don’t have to clean after your guests when everybody leaves. All we ask at Lakeshore Lodging is that you load and run the dishwasher (no need to unload it) and take out the trash. The rest is up to us.

There are even more reasons to book a holiday stay at a Lake Michigan vacation rental. Discover them for yourself when you book a cozy cabin at Lakeshore Lodging.

Plan a Lake Michigan romantic getaway

Lake Michigan romantic getaway in saugatuck

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or you’re just celebrating your partnership, one of the most romantic places to steal away to is Saugatuck, Michigan. With beautiful beaches to stroll, exquisite eateries, and some of the finest Michigan-made wine, all you need for your Lake Michigan romantic getaway is a cozy nook to call home.

We can help you with that.

Build the perfect Lake Michigan romantic getaway 

To create the ultimate couples retreat you need a few key ingredients: great dining, activities and attractions, and a romantic place to settle in. Here are some things you shouldn’t miss on your romantic vacation in Saugatuck, Michigan.

Romantic places to eat in Saugatuck

A great meal can seriously enhance any vacation, and Saugatuck has many romantic (and delicious) places to dine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

the southerner

Pumpernickel’s Eatery

This cute cafe has an array of great breakfast dishes, and it’s the perfect place to start a day of spending quality time with your significant other.

Uncommon Coffee Roasters

If a lighter breakfast is in order, hit up Uncommon Coffee Roasters for delicious coffee and a selection of yummy baked goods.

The Southerner

Grab lunch at this southern-inspired eatery. From the hospitality to the gourmet food, the influence of the south pervades every aspect of this restaurant, and it’s a total delight to visit.

Hercules Bar and Grill

Feeling fancy? For an elegant dinner with delicious cocktails and food, Hercules Bar and Grill in downtown Saugatuck is a great choice.

Marro’s Italian Restaurant

Italian cuisine is a classic choice for a romantic dinner, and there’s no better place to enjoy such a meal than Marro’s Italian Restaurant. In addition to favorite Italian dishes, Marro’s has over 30 wines you can order by the glass.

Bowdie’s Chophouse

One of Saugatuck’s finest eateries, Bowdie’s is a great place to go for the couple that appreciates good American food and excellent steak. A meal at Bowdie’s is guaranteed to be delicious.

Things to do during your romantic getaway

There’s activities for every kind of couple in Saugatuck. Adventurers, foodies, and art enthusiasts will all find plenty to do. Here’s some ideas to get started.

saugatuck art

Art Galleries

Saugatuck and Douglas are filled with great art galleries to explore. If you’re interested in getting some culture while you stay in the area, check out one of the many galleries.

Wineries, Breweries, and Cideries

Taste the vibrant flavors Michigan wines have to offer at one of Saugatuck’s great local wineries. Or if you’re more of a brew dog, try Saugatuck Brewing Company for an excellent craft beverage. Nearby orchards Crane’s and Virtue Cider produce great hard apple cider as well. There’s something for every preference!


Treat yourselves to a relaxing couples massage at one of the great spas in the area. Try Bella Vita in Saugatuck or Salubrity Vida Day Spa in Holland.

Parks and Trails

For the explorers among us, Saugatuck offers plenty of great spots to hike, bike and climb. For great views of the lake and unique flora, check out Saugatuck Dunes State Park, the trails near Oval Beach, and Mount Baldhead. They’re all great spots to catch a romantic sunset over the water, too. Pack a bottle of wine and a blanket for a peaceful evening outing.

Best romantic vacation rentals in Saugatuck

Lakeshore Lodging has the best vacation homes for a couples getaway. Our cottage and cabin rentals have it all, from nooks for morning coffee, to hot tubs for relaxation, to jaw-dropping lakeside views. Here are a couple we think are particularly well-suited to a romantic stay in Saugatuck.

Cozy Hideaway

cozy hideawayThis quaint cottage is located right just a block away from the banks of the Kalamazoo River. Enjoy the water garden, peaceful back deck, and relaxing hot tub when you stay here.

The Nest

This home is only one mile from downtown Saugatuck, but it feels like a secluded cabin surrounded by lush woodland and greenery. It’s a petite cottage with all the amenities you need and a very relaxing atmosphere.

Rise N Shine

If your couples getaway needs to include your dog too, Rise N Shine is a perfect choice. This dog-friendly cottage rental is located within walking distance of downtown Saugatuck. It has a fenced-in backyard and a screened-in front porch made for morning coffee.

Peterson Mill

Historic, whimsical, and exceedingly charming, Peterson Mill is just a couple blocks from downtown Saugatuck’s shops and restaurants. The home has warm interior decor and calming water features in the yard, and it’s a picturesque place to steal away to.

Bluffs Cove

Let’s face it, one of the best parts of Saugatuck is its proximity to the beautiful Lake Michigan. If you and your partner are interested in making the most of it, stay at Bluffs Cove. With a stunning panoramic view of the lake, a hot tub, and beach access, it’s a dream come true.

Take your romantic vacation to the next level

Lakeshore Lodging has a number of hospitality partners who can take your romantic stay to the next level. If in-home wine tasting, flower delivery, private dinners, and professional photography sound like they could enhance your romantic getaway, these are the businesses we’d recommend.  

This is Why You’ll Love the Saugatuck Christmas Parade

saugatuck christmas

With the holiday season comes some of the best events in the entire calendar year. The Saugatuck Christmas Parade is no exception! Join in on the fun on December 2, 2017 and see all the characters in costume. Per tradition, parade patrons are encouraged to dress up as their favorite character from the movie, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” as the theme of the parade is “Whoville.” The parade isn’t the only fun Christmas event going on around that time, though. Read on to learn more.

Find out more about all of the fun things to do near Lakeshore Lodging when you check out our Area Information page. It’s full of the best recommendations for things to see and do like enjoying the Saugatuck Christmas Parade.

whootville saugatuck christmas parade
Image: SDABA

The Saugatuck Christmas Parade Headlines the Day

Don’t miss the main event! The parade begins at 1 p.m., as it does every year, on Butler Street in downtown Saugatuck. Get into costume as your favorite “Whoville” character and join the ranks! Characters like Cindy Lou Who, famed Mayor Augustus Maywho, the Grinch, and even his dog Max will all be in attendance marching in the parade. Watch as Mayor Augustus Maywho leads the way as parade marshall, and see all the elaborate costumes.

In addition to all the fun costumes, the women-only Peppermint Stick Brigade will be there in full red and gold garb to welcome in the holiday season. Along with them, the men-only Snow Shovel Drill Team performs their famed snow shovel drills to the crowd’s delight. Lastly, the Saugatuck High School Band marches, performing Christmas music to inaugurate the season. Oh, and don’t forget the best-dressed pets!

Other Fun Activities That Day

After the parade, families with children can enjoy Santa’s Workshop in downtown Saugatuck. It’s the perfect chance for the kiddos to see exactly where their toys come from and meet Santa. Kids crafts, music, tree decorating, and refreshments await you and your little ones! Throughout the afternoon, free carriage rides will leave from Coral Gables Annex and take you on a whimsical winter journey through town. That evening, a holiday tree lighting takes place at the Rose Garden on Butler Street in downtown Saugatuck. Come out and enjoy the hot chocolate and cookies and join in the holiday carols. It’s the perfect way to end a full day of holiday fun.

Where Are You Celebrating?

When the festivities do come to a close, where will your celebration continue? Here at Lakeshore Lodging in Saugatuck, we have the best vacation rentals for you and the whole family. We are eager to accommodate you, so check out our available rentals. If you’re looking for more great things to do during your time in Western Michigan, check out our Area Information page! Ready to book? Contact us today!